Which Glasses Are Which?

glassesPOS About a year ago, Hil ended up with FOUR pairs of glasses – reading, music, driving and driving sunglasses....and not a clue which was which! "I thought I could just go to a music shop and buy a case with a treble clef on, but apparently nobody's thought of creating specific cases, so we set about designing our own, sourced a supplier and ordered - well, rather a lot of cases! We're selling online and in a growing selection of shops, and recently featured as The Guardian Buy of the Day, which was very thrilling! If you'd like a case, please visit our website, and if you own or know of a shop which might be interested in stocking them, please get in touch.

Olympic Flotilla

Olympic Flotilla

The whole office was out in force to see the Olympic flotilla powering through Barnes, not even the typically English rain (which chose that moment to start pouring down) could keep us away. After the thousand police boats, ducks and official Olympic McDonalds polystyrene box that elicited cheers from the crowds that lined the Thames, the Gloriana finally rowed past us, Anastasia Chitty holding the Olympic torch aloft. What a wonderful way to bring this relay to its conclusion. Here’s to Team GB and what should be a wonderful summer of sports.

Olympic Flotilla


L+B Rebrands

It's taken us a bit longer than the somewhat optimistic “New Year”, but our new brand is finally in place – and we'd love to hear what you think!

It was time to refresh, and Mark came up with the + concept, illustrating “design plus”. This perfectly sums up everything that we’re about as we regularly supply/ research/ commission or advise on all the component parts needed for a successful job, not just the design. Over the years we’ve done everything from the expected (planned websites, written reams of copy, set up electronic and paper mailing systems, organised printing, produced 28,000 training kits on CD ROM) to the slightly less predictable (made a lego cow for a campaign, found someone to print beachballs at a couple of days' notice, created a Flash presentation based on a pupil’s anti-bullying project).

App Design for Theatre Ninjas

App Design for Theatre Ninjas

Here at L+B we’re huge fans of the Edinburgh Festival so we were really excited about being asked to redesign a website and iPhone App by the Theatre Ninjas team. The original app, launched last year, helped people find free tickets for the thousands of shows at the Festival. Theatre Ninjas’ innovative idea took everyone by surprise and they got onto the prestigious Sunday Times App list. This year they’re going back to the Festival with a new-look website and app designed by L+B, featuring the little Ninja helpers which Mark created, and a revamped logo. After working with the enthusiastic Theatre Ninjas team we’re confident that they’re going to go far – check out the new website.

Mortlake to Mumbai

Last autumn Anthony undertook a two-week photo assignment for PETA India. He and PETA President Ingrid Newkirk travelled over 2,500 miles documenting PETA's hands-on animal protection work.



On Ant's return, L+B created a series of posters illustrating solutions to common animal cruelty issues, such as yoking a horse and a bullock together (horses' strength is in their chests, not their shoulders, and the animals are different heights). These stylised yet simple infographics explain proper animal care and are designed to be understood whichever of the 114 languages people speak, as well as by the majority of the target audience who are unable to read any of them.


While they were in Mumbai, PETA launched the "Oil Without Toil" campaign, where they swap a customised tuk-tuk for a bullock which has been used to pull a delivery cart, and Anthony was on hand to come up with some instant graphics.

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