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Department of Health Training Resource

Comprehensive training resource includes factsheets, worksheets, case studies, best practice information and a PowerPoint presentation. The PDF documents were distributed on a CD to 50,000 careworkers nationwide, and were downloadable from the DH website.

Family Planning Association Leaflets

We’ve worked with the FPA since the late 1990s and have designed several series of information leaflets for them. Covers are always a challenge; the subject needs sensitive handling.

Department of Health, Social Care

We designed this ‘Guide to Collaborative Recruitment Solutions to Social Care’ to be illustrated with images of people, and photomontaged the group to create the look that we wanted.

Advice Now, Website

CMS driven website designed as a user-friendly resource of advice providers in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The market was not only the borough’s residents and workers but also the agencies themselves who could share information.

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