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Global Education Counselling Branding and Brochure

GEC asked us to rebrand and market their established international services in higher education. The brochure covers services to individual students, as well as educational consultancy and training, so our starting point was to create a strong look to ensure consistency, with clearly defined sections for the different markets.

Department of Health Training Resource

Comprehensive training resource includes factsheets, worksheets, case studies, best practice information and a PowerPoint presentation. The PDF documents were distributed on a CD to 50,000 careworkers nationwide, and were downloadable from the DH website.

PETA’s Animal Times

We design PETA’s magazine, which keeps their 1,000,000+ supporters up to date with campaigns and successes, in a lively style more reminiscent of a weekly mag than a charity publication. Separate editions are created for the US, UK, Dutch and German members.

Family Planning Association Leaflets

We’ve worked with the FPA since the late 1990s and have designed several series of information leaflets for them. Covers are always a challenge; the subject needs sensitive handling.

London Transport Museum

With over 40,000 images in the LT photo library to choose from for this anniversary publication, we worked closely with their librarian. We also learned a lot about the tube – including to our surprise that there are no train drivers on the Victoria line!

Edwards & Ward, Branding and Brochure

Edwards and Ward wanted a fresh look to reflect their fresh approach to catering. As well as standing out from the competition, the brief demanded a consistency of style across a huge range – from signage to aprons to tender documentation – appropriate for both business and education applications. The logo is inspired by a chocolate drizzle.

Department of Health, Social Care

We designed this ‘Guide to Collaborative Recruitment Solutions to Social Care’ to be illustrated with images of people, and photomontaged the group to create the look that we wanted.

The Study Gazette

The Gazette is The Study’s review of the year, a cornucopia of photos, poems, projects, paintings and 3D art produced by the children. Each spread is individually designed depending on content – it’s a challenge! but great fun to do.

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