About PETA: PETA is the world’s largest animal rights organisation, with more than two million members and supporters worldwide. Based in the USA, they also have offices in the UK, Germany, India, Manila and Australia, giving many of their campaigns global reach.

Scope: Lawrence+Beavan have worked with PETA since 1986. The PETA logo and branding was designed right at the start, and over the next 25 or so years we’ve created many of the organisation’s best known campaigns, along with core support materials such as the “Vegetarian Starter Kit” and PETA’s membership magazine “Animal Times”.


Ad campaign

PETA like to get people thinking and aren’t afraid of controversy! This bus stop poster appeared in Birmingham to coincide with Crufts, reminding people that buying pure-breds reduces the chances of rescue dogs being rehomed.

PETA logo

The largest L+B-designed logo in the world sits on top of the organisation’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. It is always thrilling to see it lit up at night when you drive over the Brambleton Bridge!

I’d rather go naked…

PETA enjoy excellent support from A list celebrities, and we have designed many ads based on their famous "I’d rather go naked than wear fur" slogan. This one featuring Eva Mendes was translated into several languages.