Mill Hill School Foundation

About Mill Hill: Mill Hill School was founded in 1807, and is one of England’s best known public schools. The Foundation includes Grimsdell Pre-prep and Belmont Preparatory schools. There is always a question of balance in the marketing – the advantages of history and tradition along with the modern facilities and education that the schools offer. Each school also needs its own identity within the Foundation for appropriate marketing to the different age-groups.

Scope: Over the decade or so that we have worked with Mill HIll, we have produced and developed a huge range of materials from the expected – prospectuses, websites – to the less predictable – the school newsletter as an e-publication. We are always ready to re-examine our approach and have completely redesigned the website twice as markets and technologies developed.


School prospectus

Despite the dominance of the web, people still like to have a printed prospectus which must introduce the school and its values, and outline the educational offer. This prospectus was designed to last for several years, because up-to-date information about exam results, leavers’ destinations etc was printed each academic year in a branded companion brochure.


This branded e-newsletter, sent to parents every fortnight, works on a bespoke template set up through L+B’s system. The school has direct access to write into the template, and to the built-in reports. Much slicker than sending a pdf attachment, this system allows parents to instantly unsubscribe, is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Leavers’ book

Advances in digital printing mean that we can now produce very short run hardback books in full colour with high quality printing and binding, which are perfect as a keepsake for a graduating class.

Friends of Mill Hill School

For the Friends branding we combined the iconic Mill Hill portico with stylised people to sum up the close relationship between the Foundation and its alumni, families and associates who are members of FOMH. We have created several sub-brands for the school, including the Mill Hill Express bus service and the London Golf Academy at Mill Hill School.