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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Logo

We designed PETA’s logo to last – and developed a typographic solution, highlighting the “e” which stands for “ethical”. Each letter was hand drawn to get the exact look that we wanted. 20 years on, PETA presented us with their anniversary award: "for brilliantly designing so much of what PETA is...for the inspired work that has been an integral part of our success".

PETA’s Animal Times

We design PETA’s magazine, which keeps their 1,000,000+ supporters up to date with campaigns and successes, in a lively style more reminiscent of a weekly mag than a charity publication. Separate editions are created for the US, UK, Dutch and German members.


For PETA’s 30th anniversary we came up with a sparkly version of our iconic PETA rabbit which we applied to everything from the invitation and gala programme, through to the awards which were presented to the charity’s activist and celebrity supporters.

Vegetarian Recipe Cards

This set of vegetarian recipe cards, designed and illustrated by Lawrence & Beavan, was sold through PETA’s merchandise programme. We chose to use illustrations as it would have been prohibitively expensive to photograph each of the 100 dishes, and we liked the bright and inviting look.

WSPA Whale Watch

For this campaign, we felt that using a whale image in an unexpected colour would best grab attention. The danger was that a traditional blue photograph might seem too familiar and people could overlook the message: commercial whaling is still happening today.

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