APC Overnight

About APC Overnight: APC Overnight is the UK’s largest overnight network, with 120+ depots nationwide delivering more than 1 million parcels each month.

Scope: L+B’s marketing strategy for APC encompasses depot-to-customer sales and support materials, Hub-to-depot communications including a monthly e-newsletter, fleet livery and exhibitions. We have also completely redesigned the APC website. As well as taking care of the design and branding, we research and copywrite the company’s brochures and newsletters. L+B work closely with APC’s PR company to ensure maximum value – we feature their customer interviews and photos in our newsletters, and they use our marketing copylines such as the current promotion “Handled With Care”.


Fleet livery

We took a bold approach for the livery with curves reflecting the logo splashed asymmetrically across the cabs. This not only gives the vehicles impressive visual impact out on the road, it also unifies the cab and trailer by letting the design take precedence over the complex shapes.

Corporate brochure

Many delivery companies focus on images of vehicles, but APC build long-term working relationships with their customers and people are key at every stage of their operation. We include customer testimonials and pictures of APC staff on most of our materials. The corporate brochure was planned, written and designed by L&B.

Company website

We took a fresh look at the company website and rewrote from scratch, introducing a user-friendly structure and straightforward language. It was of course vital that we ensured that the site integrated seamlessly with the "back-end" database at the Hub which provides online tracking and other facilities such as depot look-up.