Can you get my report translated into Russian/French/Czech?

We can translate copy into many languages, for both print and web. With non-European languages (or languages with nonstandard accent characters) we have these typeset to our layouts. We can also arrange for subediting in translation – for example we design a magazine in English and a translated version in German which is subedited to ensure that all hyphenation etc is correct.

We are experienced in producing printed materials and websites in translation, both for original products and for translated versions of English materials.

The working methodology depends on the language – for European languages with standard accents we can typeset inhouse from translated text, whereas for languages with non-standard accents (eg Czech) or languages with different character sets we work closely with a translation company who typeset to our design.

Some examples of translated work include:

  • Quarterly membership magazine produced in English, German and Dutch
  • School website in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
  • Music tour publicity in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish
  • UN-based animal welfare campaign in Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic
  • Campaign materials in Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish